Congrats on your upcoming wedding!


     Life can be a bit overwhelming right now with all the planning you have to do!  How do you know you're hiring the right photographer?


     There is more to being a great photographer than just being able to show some great images.  A true professional knows their equipment and uses professional grade cameras.


     Blackland Photography always has 2 photographers that come to your wedding, to ensure nothing is missed.  Our cameras also have two card slots - this means that your images are backed up to both cards, on both cameras, just in case of card corruption, etc.  All of your images are further backed up onto a secure computer, an external hard drive as well as to the cloud.  Rest assured that the memories of your day will remain safe in our hands for years to come.

     Furthermore, you want someone who has experience and talent. While each photographer has their own unique style, it's up to you to decide what is the best fit for your personality and tastes.  That's why a consultation is highly recommended while shopping for a wedding photographer.  After all, you wouldn't simply order a dress, book a venue, or a caterer simply based on the cheapest price, right?  Great photography showcases all the hard work you put into making your wedding day all that you ever dreamed it would be.


     Come see us at our office in Waco & we will answer any questions & help calm any concerns you may have.

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-Amy & Daniel