Frequently Asked Questions

What is the restoration process?

Your original images are scanned or photographed, depending on size and condition. All restoration efforts are executed digitally. Changes are not made to your original(s) unless specifically requested.

What is it called when you make
changes to the original image?

This process is called "conservatorship" &  is 
separate from the art of digital restoration.  This
technique is very time consuming as well as risky.
There is a far greater cost involved & results are
not guaranteed. Digital restoration is highly encouraged.

Do you offer conservatorship?

This service is not currently offered  but we do hope to add
it to our list of available choices in the future!  We will do our best to recommend a talented professional for the job.

What is the turn-around time?

Typically, your completed order will be ready within
3 weeks. You may asked to upgrade to a RUSH service for an additional fee of 50%. Otherwise, orders are worked on
the principal of a "first-come, first-serve" basis. 

Can I get a digital copy?

Absolutely!  We strongly encourage purchasing a digital copy as a supplement to ordering an archival quality photographic print. You may also purchase one separately.

How long have you been in business?

Revision Photo Restoration officially opened it's doors in October of 2018. Before deciding to specialize in restorations, the owner, Amy Traweek offered restorations as a side-service for her photography business for years. She has been a professional photographer for 18+ years. 

Do you have a darkroom?

While we do offer film developing, we don't have a full darkroom as of yet.  Our business is continuing to grow & expand and a fully functional darkroom is high on the list of features to add for our customers & local photographers.

Is there ever a point when a photo is too damaged to save?

Unfortunately, yes. However, we've yet to come across a photo that we weren't able to vastly improve upon (yet). Clients have brought us photos they intended to throw away & were pleasantly surprised whenever we were able to preserve it. Results will vary of course.

Do you offer VHS, 8mm, & video conversion?

No. But we have friends who do! While we used to offer this service, we now refer clients to Dub-L Tape Inc here on Franklin Dr. in Waco. They specialize in audio/video & do a fantastic job! 

Do you offer framing? If not,
whom do you recommend?

We offer limited option on framing but love to recommend local frame shops, Studio Gallery & Frames, Etc. Both places offer wonderful customer service as well as a large variety of custom choices for framing!

Why did you decide to specialize in photo restorations?

Our owner, Amy Traweek lost her mother at a very young age. Photos were her only connection, as she did not have any memories of her own. She has said that even before she started elementary school, she knew this was her calling.  Her love and appreciation for photography & prints run very deep. She has devoted her life to preserving photos for others, so that future generations will be able to hang on to the memories & share stories.

Is it possible to make a print that is larger or smaller than the original photo?

Absolutely! Especially if we have the original to work with; if not, often times enlargements and de-scaling  are still options (especially if the size isn't vastly different from the original. We've done some amazing enlargements!

Yes! While working with original photos is always preferred, your finished photo can still look great if we need to work from a copy or photo of the picture. The quality of your copy will make a difference in how large we are able to scale the image up for enlargement purposes.

Can you work from a photo that is on my phone?