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Photo Restorations

This is the process where an original is scanned or photographed and put into digital format, then restored digitally. Restoration includes removing scratches, repairing tears/cracks or other damage. Your original is never altered in any way. We can work from photos, tin-types, negatives & slides.

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Film Developing

COMING SOON!!  Our darkroom is currently under construction but we are exited to be able to offer this service in the near future!


Have rolls of old film laying around? Let's see what's on them! Or perhaps you still enjoy photographing on film medium and just need your images developed.  We can handle all that for you! Please note that there is no guarantee on old rolls of film being successfully developed or remaining undamaged.

Image by Markus Spiske

Frame Restorations

This is a new service we are offering!  If you have an old, gilded frame that's damaged or aged that you'd like restored to it's former glory - bring it in and let us look at it and give you a quote.  We will painstakingly work to recreate and rebuild damaged and broken parts of the frame through a series of molding, de-molding, gold or silver leafing and burnishing.  We can also professionally re-frame your photo within the frame.

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Slide & Negative Copying

Get those old slides onto digital format and enjoy old memories or discover new ones.  Available with or without restoration services.  Delivery available via digital download or USB for easy sharing.

Photography Slide

Image Digitization

This is the same beginning process of photo restorations, but without the actual restoration work...so it's certainly cheaper if you have a lot of old photos or albums laying around that you want put into digital format. Digitizing makes your family images easy to share from your computer or mobile device. The best option for bulk amounts!

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Photo Printing & Products

We use the #1 photographic lab in the industry - Miller's Professional Imaging!  Your images are printed on the finest, archival silk-finish paper that you simply have to see & feel to believe.

Anytime you print a photo, you will also receive the digital file. This is a wonderful value and is included in the print price. Digital files can also be purchased separately but printing is highly encouraged for longevity.

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